Winter in the Chamonix Valley

Destination Chamonix - Winter

The Chamonix Valley is famous for its extreme skiing and attracts many winter sports enthusiasts throughout the season.

However, Chamonix is more than just a ski resort; it is a beautiful historical mountain town with an eclectic mix of things to do away from the slopes. If you don’t ski or if you simply fancy a break from the piste, there are a wide variety of activities for you to discover.

Montenvers Railway

The Montenvers traditional rack and pinion railway line, opened in 1908, and runs all the way to the spectacular Mer de Glace, which is the largest glacier in France.


In the town of Mieusey, just 50km West of Chamonix, the sport of paragliding (Parapente in French) was born in 1974. The sport is now hugely popular and Chamonix, with its steep peaks, glaciers and strong thermals, is one the main mountain flying hubs.

Husky Sledging

Enjoy a day leading your very own sled of husky dogs, or if you would prefer a more relaxing few hours, you can simply be a passenger on the sled, enjoying the traditional Nordic experience.

Snow Shoeing

This winter activity is a great way to get out into nature, have a bit of exercise and soak up the breath-taking views of Chamonix. There are a multitude of different snow shoe trails ranging from beginner level through to advanced.

Paret Descent

This traditional wooden sled ride down the home piste of Grands Montets is guaranteed to fill you with adrenalin and provide exciting stories for the dinner table.

Helicopter Flight

Arguably the best way to view the stunning Mont Blanc Massif in a completely safe environment is via a helicopter ride. Soar 3000m into the sky around Mont Blanc; drink in the dazzling glaciers and sensational panoramic vistas before returning back to the valley.

Winter in the Chamonix Valley

Destination Chamonix - Summer

Chamonix became well known in 1924 for hosting the Winter Olympics. Since then, the popular ski resort has blossomed…but what does it offer summer visitors?

The natural scenery, which looks so picturesque in the winter, is equally as beautiful in the summer. The Aiguille Rouges Nature Reserve springs to life and the animals awaken at Parc de Merlet. Chamonix hosts a range of summer holiday experiences, suitable for couples, families and large groups.

Yoga Rando

Leave stress and worries behind with a morning of yoga in the mountains, followed by an energising afternoon of hiking. A 'Yoga & Hiking Day' is the perfect experience and is all about making you feel good, focusing on your health and wellbeing in the mountain air.

Aiguille du Midi

Enjoy exhilarating views of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps from the Aiguille du Midi. The viewpoint sits at 3842m with a 32m walkway offering spectacular panoramic views, including the Mont Blanc. There's a high-altitude terrace restaurant at the summit, which offers French cuisine in a truly unique setting.

CosmoJazz Festival

Billed as the ‘most beautiful concert hall in the world, in the most beautiful valley of the world’, July sees Chamonix being taken over by a host of talented musicians for the CosmoJazz Festival. Expect performances in high-altitude locations, from the edge of a glacier to the foot of a rock face.

Summer Luge

Head to Parc d'Attractions de Chamonix, it’s home to the 'Luge-Alpine Coaster'... a breathtaking roller coaster in the mountains at 1300m with jumps, turns and spins of up to 540-degrees.

Husky Hiking

Navigate the mountainside with your very own husky companion. Your four-legged guide is fastened (by a lead) to your waist, helping to gently pull you up the mountain climbs, allowing you to travel greater distances without getting tired.

Ice Caves

Chamonix is home to the 'Grotte de Glace' ice cave, an underground museum full of ice sculptures. Each year the cave is sculpted to create an amazing array of ice art, which shows the life of the local mountain people in the early 19th century.

Winter in the Chamonix Valley